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August Art Yumminess

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Thanks to everyone who came out for our Summer Art Party. It was lots of fun. We’ll post pictures before too long…in the meantime, here are some suggestions for Art to see and experience around town. See ya! 1. “One Eye Open,” a group show curated by d’Arci Bruno celebrating the joy of photography at […]

Art Murmur in Oaktown tonight!

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Well, it’s the night of indecision as you try to decide where to start your Art Murmur wanderings. There’s a lot to see and fun to be had around Oakland tonight. Ashley Jones has a new series of work showing at Mama Buzz (that’s her painting above), Githinji Wa Mbire has some of his mixed […]

Art Murmur in Oakland – Tonight!

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Ok art lovers. It’s that time again. More art than you have time for in one evening, exhibiting all over Oaktown. Take your pick. On my list this month: 1. a new gallery/project space devoted to video and photography called Krowswork “Krowswork inaugurates its program with “As X → ∞” (As X Approaches Infinity),* an […]

Art Murmur & Other Art Openings

Posted October 2nd, 2009 by FrisbieSt.. Comments Off.

Just want to say THANKS again to everyone who came out for the Still (in) Motion exhibition at Frisbie St. last weekend. What a fun time. I’ll be posting more photos from the event and the art work soon but in the meantime, it’s First Friday in Oakland = Art Murmur. All the local galleries […]

Art Murmur Tonight! & Free Photo Q&A Session on Sunday @Frisbie St.

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September is here and so is Oakland’s Friday night Art Murmur. All the local galleries will be open so take your pick (you can click on the gallery links on the right hand side.) Check out 21 Grand – Becky Jaffe, the co-curator of the upcoming Still (in) Motion Art Show at Frisbie St. will […]

Art Murmur & “Best of” PARTY till midnight @ Oakland Museum

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Lots of options for Free Friday night fun in Oakland. Don’t miss the BEST party of the year with the Best of the East Bay, sponsored by East Bay Express and hosted by the Oakland Museum from 5:00 pm till midnight. Here’s a list of some of the attractions (did I mention that the event […]

Control Exhibit Opening at SOMArts on Thursday, 6pm

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Centa Schumacher, None but My Own (1) Silver Gelatin Print, 2008 New exhibition opening this Thursday at SOMArts featuring 94 works by 79 California women artists – including Janelle Schneider who was in the What is Self? show at Frisbie St. in May. Check it out and look for her piece titled “Gluttony.” “The Women’s […]

How to choose?

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Wow. If you’re not headed out of town for the 4th – there is a fantastic new line up of show openings (and a few closing) for Art Murmur Friday night. I’ve listed a few options below – but there are a ton more. Just get out and walk around, see what you find. Here’s […]

Art Murmur Line-up

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If you can’t get enough Art then Oakland is the place to be! In addition to ProArts East Bay Open Studios this weekend with over 400 artists, the Oakland galleries are packed with tons of new art for tonight’s Art Murmur. Check out a sampling here.

Art Murmur Time!

Posted May 1st, 2009 by FrisbieSt.. Comments Off.

I know it’s raining outside and you might be tempted to stay inside – but that would mean missing out on some fantastic Art Openings tonight. We’re lucky to live right in the heart of the Art Murmur happenings, which means we don’t have to travel far. Here are some shows to check out: The […]