Art Shows


Interactive Art Installation + Community Potluck on
July 18, 2010 from 3 to 9 pm. All are welcome.

Past Shows:
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June 2010
East Bay Open Studios @ Frisbie St.
Group Show

Exhibiting: Lanell Dike, Scott D.S. Young & Becky Jaffe


May 2010
Mirror Image: An Art Show about Body (Mis) Perceptions
Group Show

Exhibiting: Myles Boisen * Bruce Temuchin Brown * Mercy Calman * Carrel Crawford * G.M.M. Coghlan * Lauren Davis * Deanne Emmons * JJ Fryzel * Evert Grobbelaar * CJ Grossman * Maia Huang * Becky Jaffe * Molly Kate Taylor * Frank King * Abby Kojola * Matthew Kowalski * Linda Shanti McCabe * Courtney McCutcheon * Diane Rosenblum Althoff * Elisa Salasin * Michael Slack * Mollee Weaver * Gary Wilson * Scott D.S. Young * Curated by Carrie-Andrea Kaye, Becky Jaffe and Lanell Dike

(Check out the blog posts [Fri, Sat] for photos from the show and read the reviews by Debra Jan Bibel and Michael Singman-Aste.)


January 2010
Illuminating Shadows: Art Show in the Dark
Group Show

Exhibiting: Myles Boisen * C. Brooks * Mercy Calman * Lanell Dike * JJ Fryzel * Kamran Golriz * Kristen Hoard * Happy/L.A. Hyder * Becky Jaffe * Eli Jenkins * Cheryl Laube * Courtney McCutcheon * Gustavo Porras, Elisa Salasin * Styrous ® * Curated by Carrie-Andrea Kaye, Becky Jaffe and Lanell Dike

(Check out the blog posts [Fri, Sat, Sun] for photos from the show and read the reviews from Debra Jan Bibel and Styrous.)


September 2009
Still (in) Motion – Group Show
(Photography by Women)

Exhibiting: Alyson Belcher * Kirsten Berg * Michelle Bloomberg * Mercy Calman * Perrin Elkind * Susan Freundlich * Leanne Grossman * Tina Hosseinzadeh * Rachel Humphrey * Becky Jaffe * Courtney McCutcheon * Ayesha Mattu * Jessica Neasbitt * Alli Novak * Aphra Pia * Diane Rosenblum Althoff * Orkid Sassouni * Mollee Weaver * Curated by Becky Jaffe and Lanell Dike

Still (in) Motion Photography by WomenSelf-Portrait #43C, 2001 by Alyson Belcher (c)Silver Lake by Kirsten Berg (c)MichelleBloombergMaples by Mercy Calman (c)Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina by PerrinOffering by Susan Freundlich (c)Self Portrait - Coming Home by Tina Hosseinzadeh (c)Festival of the Kings, Ollantaytambo by Rachel Humphrey (c)Taggert by Becky Jaffe (c)The Women by Courtney McCutcheonSweeter with Two by Ayesha MattuFlowing #3 by Jessica Neasbitt (c)El Arranque by Alli Novak (c)Tidal Paths by Aphra PiaBay Bridge at Night by Diane Rosenblum AlthoffKatie and Chris by Mollee Weaver (c)Photographs by Perrin ElkindFrisbie St. Still (in) Motion Show by Myles BoisenFrisbie St. Still (in) Motion Show by Myles BoisenAphra Pia with her photographyMusican Aire Redtree in front of Mercy Calman's photographsStill (in) Motion Frisbie St. Art ShowStill (in) Motion Photography by Becky JaffeFriday Night music by Adrienne Sunday music by Bossafide at Frisbie St.Sunday music by Oyster Stew BandStill (in) Motion Art WeekendStill (in) Motion Art Weekend at Frisbie St.Opening Night of Still in MotionArtist Tina Hosseinzadeh in front of her Coming Home SeriesSome of the Still (in) Motion artistsThank You to everyone who made it out for the show!


June 2009
Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios – Solo Show

(Mixed Media, Installation Art and Photography)

Exhibiting: Breathe One Love artist, Lanell Dike

Pro Arts East Bay Open Studios 2009Like a RiverFine Art prints and CardsAt The Same Table: Egoic Consciousness Ruling Our WorldSimply Human PortraitsShadows - here today, gone tomorowThe baggage we carry and the games we play - site specific closet installationWe construct our identities.rivershadow


May 2009
What is Self? – Group Art & Writing Exhibition
(Painting, Drawing, Photography, Collage, Sculpture, Book Arts, Mixed Media, Installation and Graffiti Art)

Exhibiting: Susana Aragón * L. Berkley * Carrel Crawford * Lanell Dike * Ellen Frances * Sue Graue * C.J. Grossman * Melissa Hawkins * Eli Jenkins * Alison Kellom * Orna Pascal * Gail Robinson * Torroid * Janelle Schneider * Forest StearnsCurated by Lanell Dike

What is Self? show postershowintrosusanaaragonlberkleycarrelcrawford(closet, site specific) Art Installation by Lanell Dikesuegrauecjgrossman4cjgrossman3becoming by Melissa HawkinsPhotography by Eli JenkinsAlison KellomHandwoven basket by Orna PascalBarbie collage by Gail RobinsonPhotography by TorroidSculpture and Mixed Media piece by Janelle SchneiderWhat are you hiding? by Forest Stearnsforeststearns2


July & October 2008
BE/coming – Solo Art Exhibition
(Mixed Media, Photography & Collage)

Exhibiting: Breathe One Love artist Lanell Dike

BE/coming Art by Breathe One Love artist Lanell Dike Are we the books we read? BE/coming Art At the Same Table Yin/Eros William Earl Lynd from the Simply Human Portraits series Hillary Clinton from the Simply Human Portraits series from the I Love You series Goodbye and Journal Snapshots The End